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SURFIX Gunwale Grip or Wear Strips - Made in the USA

Surfix white polymer gunwale or gunnel grip strips are an excellent addition to your craft to cover old abused gunwales or just to brighten the gunwale with an attractive tread that can protect your boat from future abuse.
  • These are solid white marine grade polymer with no hidden hollow spots or voids as in injection molded pieces.
  • The 4" strip has rounded 1/4" deep grooves every half- inch to provide traction when boarding or adjusting the out riggers. 
  • All upper outside edges are rounded to be fisher friendly. (pole holders in picture not included).
  • Sold as individual strips, not in pairs...so you can order what you need.
  • Each strip is $ 26.90 and is 1/2" thick x 4" wide x 54" long with 7 quarter-inch grooves spaced every 1/2" running the  length.
  • Apply directly to the gunnel with supplied stainless screws.
  • If need, thay are easy to cut and drill with common woodworking tools.
  • Customize your order for step plates or foot rests any width and any length up to 96". 
  • Unaffected by sun, weather and seawater.


Use the formula length x width x $ 0.14 please make sure that the size you select isn't too large to ship.

48" x 5" x 0.14 = $33.60

Give us a call during normal business hours for a quote or question on custom size gunwale grips.

PHONE - (321) 984-5177


E-Mail Surfix Inc. with your requirements or questions.

EMAIL - SURFIX1@aol.com

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